[GB] TB8-TKL Keyboard Kit

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Tech Bear 80

Custom Mechanical Keyboard Kit
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Tech Bear8-TKL offers 3 different PCB mounting styles catered towards your different needs.

Gasket Beans

Offering a softer and more lightweight touch.


Providing a more solid and full-bodied touch.

Top mount

Delivering a unique sound profile and more consistent feel.

Furthermore, Tech Bear Studio has worked effortlessly to bring to the market a re-engineered and improved ball-bearing mechanism
suited specifically for keyboards by implementing the EZ-assemble system for the TB8-TKL.

Colorways and customization

10 Case color and 12 Weight Options


Water Ripple

We use a special machine engraving method to process the aluminum for a special finish.
With the change of angle and the refraction of light, a dynamic texture like water ripple will be produced.


When exploring new surface treatment processes, we found that copper can produce different color changes at different temperatures, making the surface to form a complex, varied yet regular texture and color, so we call this process - Brilliance.

PCB Options

We offer the following PCB options for TB8

- Soldered Wired 1.6mm non-flex cut PCB

- Hotswap Wired 1.6mm non-flex cut PCB

- Hotswap Wireless 1.6mm non-flex cut PCB

- Hotswap Wireless 1.2mm RGB flex cut PCB

Soldered Supported Layout

Hotswap Supported Layout

Keyboard Dimension: 354mm*142mm*19.98mm
Angle: 7°
Structure: Gasket / Top
Weight: 2.4KG
Supports VIA

- CNC Aluminum Case x1 [WK / WKL]
- Weight x1 [PVD / Stainless Steel / Water Ripple ]
- Badge x1 [Same as weight]
- Battery slot cover x1
- Plate x1 [4 options]
- Keyboard Case x1
- PCB x1
- PCB daughter board x1
- Poron Foam x1
- IPXE Switch Foam x1
- EPDM Case Foam x1
- Bottom Feet x5
- Silicon Light Guard x1
- Silicon Beams x4
- Silicon Strips x4
- Screws x10
- Silicon Gasket Beams x10
- Silicon Gasket Strips x10
- Remove Lever for Top Mount x2

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