Flower Shadow Linear Switch

1 Quantity = 10 switches

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Flower Shadow
Each pack is 10 switches.

37g actuation force
50g bottom out
Two stage spring
2.4mm actuation distance
3.4mm travel
LY stem
LY housing
5 Pin PCB mount
Factory lubed
Manufactured by BSUN

In stock!

All flower shadow preorder orders ship out on the beginning of this month and we prepared 10k prelubed flower shadow switches stock 

After three Flower shadow switches restock, there are still a lot of people have demand for it, hope we can open a Pre-order, before I have been hesitating because Bsun is very busy, I don't want to delay too long, yesterday I got the confirmed EST from Bsun, they will finish the delivery in September, so we decided to open a period of Pre-order, thank you very much for your support, we will ship the Flower shadow switches to you at the first time when it arrives!

Flower shadow switches sold out again

Flower shadow switches Second Restock, restock the Prelubed versions

Flower Shadow switches first ReStock

Flower Shadow Switches Sold Out