Moyu Studio Fuyu Linear Switch

1 Quantity = 10 switches

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Fuyu is a linear switch designed by Moyu Studio.

The inspiration for the fuyu switch comes from the fuyu keycap (authorized by the designer), Made by Wikuo and using their latest cross-stem mold.

On the Fuyu switch, the latest cross stem mold from Wikuo was used, which has undergone multiple modifications and adjustments before its official launch to ensure the best feeling can be achieved.
In terms of materials, multiple nylon materials were selected for testing.
After repeated experiments and comparisons, this polymer nylon was ultimately selected
Finally achieving a balance between smoothness and sound
A total travel of 3.5mm will also make the overall sound more HIFI
But it won't make them feel abrupt

Type Linear
Mount 5Pin Plate Mount
Top Housing Polymer Nylon
Stem POM
Bottom Housing Polymer Nylon
Bottom Out Force 58g
Spring 18mm 58g
Total Travel 3.8mm
Manufacturer Wikou
Lube Factory Lubed - Mild

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Sound test by QueCap

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