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Over the past two months, I've realized that most of my friends are very interested in great novelty switches, and a huge percentage of them choose to buy switches multiple times in a month!

So we specially plan a activity for the switch enthusiasts, this activity is called Monthly Discout Cards (MDC)

First of all,Free switch of the same value with purchase
The price of this card is $49,when you buy the MDC you will get 90pcs Bsun Bubble V2 Switches valued at $49.5 USD!

Secondly,Big Discount
people who buy this card can enjoy a big discount on switches, each type of switches will be about
30% to 20% off, the time limit is one month(From the day of purchase), unlimited number of times and the number of purchases

As the table shows, every month after purchasing MDC will save you at least a large amount of money on purchasing switches! Every purchase of a switch will leave you at least $14

We will make sure to add at least 3-5 new switches every month to protect MDC users~!

:Buy MDC

Second:Buy at original price and send order message to administrator to tell you are MDC user
End:Administrator will refund the discounted amount

BSUN Bubble V2 Switches:Bsun Bubble V2 Switches ( 


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