Molly60 Add-on (PCB/Plate)

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If you choose"Spraying Aluminum" in "Weight Material", then please choose your color as you like
If you choose "Brass PVD" or "SS PVD", please select "None", otherwise it will still make PVD Weight
Delivery from China


  • Material: Aluminum
  • Mounting Style: Gasket
  • Degree:7.5°
  • Plate: FR4/PC/Aluminum
  • PCB:
    • Hot-swap
    • Non-flex-cut
    • 1.6mm Thickness
    • Via Support
  • Connectivity: USB-C
  • Layout: HHKB/WK
  • Weight: 2kg

Case Material:Spraying Aluminum
Weight Material:
  • Spraying Aluminum
  • PVD Brass (Additional 25USD )
  • PVD SS (Additional 25USD )

1.Titanium Grey   2.McCyclone Grey   3.Taro Purple    4.Milk white    5.Black   6.Cement Grey   7.Tiffany   8.Haze Blue  9.Light Pink  10.Deep Blue  11.Yellow  12.Grape Purple 13.Orange  14.Paris Pink  15.Titanium gray(Glitter)  16.White  17.Pink Brown  18.Light Green  19.Red   20.Light Orange


  • What's Included?

  • 1x Aluminum top and bottom case 
  • 1x Hotswap PCB 
  • 1x Weight
  • 1 Sets 3mm Gasket Foam(More Harder)
  • 1 Sets 2mm Gasket Foam(More soft and elastic)
  • Switch From
  • Plate From
  • Bottom From
  • 1x Plate
  • 1x Foam Poron Kit
  • Screws and Keyboard Feet

  • GB Starts:7/5
  • GB Ends:7/25
  • EST: 3 Months After GB(High probability of advancement, only 2 months at the earliest)

QC Standard
  Case assembly is completed after the appearance of the surface without bumps, scratches, distance 20-25cm observation is not visible defects are not recognized, the normal angle inspection, specific angle light is not recognized.
  Internal surface treatment may exist when the residual hanging point or spraying caused by uneven spraying, accumulation of powder and other defects are not within the QC standards, hanging point or scratches not more than 5mm, no obvious bump.
  PVD Weight area is large, affected by the processing can not be flawless, there may be very fine particles, is a normal phenomenon
  Any defect (scratch, gloss, discoloration, mark) under 1.5mm will not be considered as a defect 


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