MAYA Keycaps

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ArtTech Sublimation is a revolutionary process for keycap design, distinct from traditional Dry sublimation techniques.

Unlike Dry sublimation, which employs white material and ink paper to achieve color display,

ArtTech Sublimation involves directly injecting desired colors during the keycap's molding process.

Subsequently, a sophisticated offset printing technique is applied to imprint intricate patterns onto the keycap's surface.

To further enhance the keycap's surface, a UV coating is meticulously applied, resulting in an exceptionally smooth and refined finish.


Compared to conventional heat sublimation methods, ArtTech Sublimation eliminates the issue of color bleeding along the keycap's sides.

Our keycaps are manufactured through direct color injection during molding, followed by pattern printing using the offset method.

The UV coating not only ensures a silky-smooth surface but also enables greater flexibility in character customization.

The characters can be adjusted at any time, allowing for varying thickness and position, making it a highly adaptable and versatile approach compared to bi-color injection-molded keycaps.

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