Beacon70 Keyboard Kit - Spray Pink / Red with glitter

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Case Color
Badge PVD Silver

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Spray Pink w/ Glitter

Case Color: Spray Pink w/ Glitter
Layout: WK
Glossy Chamfer: None
Badge: PVD Silver
Weight: E Purple
Stock: 2 Units


Spray Red w/ Glitter

Case Color: Spray Red w/ Glitter
Layout: WK
Glossy Chamfer: None
Badge: PVD Black
Weight: Spray Red w/ Glitter
Stock: 7 Units

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More information

- Keyboard Kit x1
- Poron Foam x1
- IXPE Switch Pad x1
- Wired ONLY Hotswap Flex Cut PCB x1

- Poly-carbonate Plate
- Gasket Spring x8
- Silicon Stand x20
- Battery Foam x1
- Screw Driver x1
- Plate Mount Stabilizer Set x1

Material: Aluminum
Mounting Style: Gasket Mount
(Custom spring plate + Custom silicone mold)
Degree:7.5°Degree Typing Angle
Front High: 19.5mm
Mode: Wired ONLY with QMK VIA support
Plate: Polycarbonate
Layout: 70%

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